Here are some articles and stories that I hope will truly inspire you…

Understanding my experience

It all started when I went to my gynecologist and got a confirmation that I was pregnant on Thursday, March 28th 2013. I was almost 9 weeks along. The nurse congratulated me, took my blood for blood test, urine test, etc.…My HCG levels were high, and the pregnancy was confirmed.  My due date was November 2nd 2013. How exciting! I imagined telling my husband and my son. I realized that I put my dream aside for wanting another baby when I met my current husband, as he didn’t see himself as being a father. He was already a step dad to my

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Even Though I was Molested, I’m a Thriving Survivor

Being molested at a young age makes you wonder, what have I done? Was I a bad boy/girl? Did I deserve this? All these questions stay with you for years. Later in life you may get into dysfunctional relationships and not understand why. It’s because there are a lot of unconscious baggage that we are carrying because of the abuse. Talking about it and reaching out to someone is the first step to healing. A huge component is forgiving yourself, loving yourself and know that this wasn’t your fault. There’s a way to get passed this and to deal with

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